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    Hi guys

    please take a look at this list and tell SGT JOE wats important for you (click to show full resolution)



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    For mid war in US Army, I suggest removing the grease gun and shot guns and replace them with just the xm177 for pointman role. For radio man and commander: I suggest removing the m16 and m14 and replace them with the xm177. Now mid war looks too similar to early war.


    Lord Of Hunting
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    For the grenadier class in mid war, if the M79 will be with another rifle like m1 carabine (like it was at the ROK on Lolo_1) than it seems good, but if that is not what u imagined, i suggest adding the M16 to the grenadier in mid war.
    For the radioman class i like that they have m16s in mid war because, as far as i’ve seen, they dont have them that often in vanilla game during mid war. And i really like that the engineer has m16 and not the grease gun.
    Love GOM, keep up the good work Sgt.Joe

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