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    Hello lads! I’ve been playing on your server for the last two nights. Love the game so far. I usually tend to stick to community servers such as yours because there is usually a serious clan behind them with good admins and such. Even though i respect your community and love your sense of strategic organization Every time i end up in the opposing team from your members we get completely obliterated. I like to see myself as a strategic guy that likes a challenge but this is too much. I just want to know if the PBS will insist on having all their members on the same team for the remaining future or maybe your practicing towards a ranked match or something? My point is it is not a balanced game if you face 10+ organized clan members. Its just not fun guys.

    With respect Ottoplace

    PS. if i have misplaced this thread i apologize.

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    Hi Otto ,

    I understand your point, but PBS has a big HLL community and seeing 10+ people on one side is normal.

    But i do agree both sides should have  some PBS people except on training days where we do “PBS against the world”

    I do take your comment in high regard and see wat we can do…

    May i be so bold to ask you if you are intrested in joining our team?

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    Thx you Powerbits for the reply it is truly a relief to hear as i enjoy your server.
    It has hit my mind to actually join you, but what does that mean for me? Do i have to be on a schedule? Because if that’s the case i cant join. As my life right now is balancing two jobs with different shifts some of them being in the middle of the night, it is hard. It will calm down and then i can possibly join a schedule.
    I thx you again for taking me seriously and answering with decency and respect.

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