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The Hunters

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    If been hunting foor the hunters to get the axe trophy. For each hunter mission you will get 1 ivory key and 1 or multiple mask. The former can be used to open the crate in the white house. You will need 8 ivory keys to open it. I tried it with different characters and experienced that it´s the best way to go for the spectre at agcriculture building. Just shoot the windows from left to right from bottom to top (even the one with a yellow lid on) except the black windows. This hunter will spawn during the day and you can check if your session is bugged by looking at the rear lights of the truck if they will go on and off while you shoot the first window.

    The ghost hunter spawned for me in front of the washington monument when i couldn´t find him near the crane. I also had 2 checkpoints taken over in order to safe some time. For me the computer in the washington monument could only be activated around 2200. There is a bit of a discrepancy when it is night time, but normally night time starts at 1900.

    For the 2 hunters in the swimmingpool assistent is usefull and the 4 hunters near the christmas I would only recommend you to do it alone if you are an expert player or on world tier 1 with world tier 5 gear.

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