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Hell Let Loose – April Closed Beta Details

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Hey everyone,

We’re happy to share the news that the next Hell Let Loose closed beta is arriving at the end of April. Dates below:

Start date: April 26th
End date: April 29th


Existing players: Crowdfund backers who had access to the previous betas and Recruit tier backers will also have another chance to join the fray!

Pre-Order Players: Any player who has pre-ordered the game (or will do so between now and the 29th April!)

What Can players expect?

Players will be able to play on both Hurtgen Forest and Sainte-Marie-du-Mont as per the last playtest. Since then we have been working hard on improving the overall experience, taking note of all of the great feedback we received and polishing up where we can.

An example of what’s new and improved are detailed here:

• Lag/Desync improvements
• Tank physics improvements
• SMDM Optimisations
• Plane audio desync fix
• OP & Garrison HUD Hint

In addition to the above improvements we will be largely focusing on the telementry and analytics identified in Developer Briefing #20. The information we collate will go a long way in identifying potential changes and supporting community feedback following the next beta, both on the granular and wider scale.

As a reminder, if you pre-order, you’ll be able to take part in our upcoming beta on Friday April 26th at 11am BST / 6am ET / 3am PT, as well as the final beta that follows.

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