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Dear members, i would like to inform you about our games and people! First of all thanks for everytime reaching the server’s payment goal, you guys rock! Please support our servers here!

As you know all donators are mentioned on discord, but also ingame on our servers.

Here are all our games and new future games :


Our RS2 servers are still doing a great job with 5 servers ranked very high of all servers in the world! The servers do great and many recruits are still streaming in! GOM and winter war mod will be up soon also. New custom maps are added weekly and we plan some exciting wars too! Lots of new members are still coming in our team wich is great for this small Indie game who has such loyal players! Many triple A games can learn from it!


The division 2 is a MMO that uses non controlable dedicated servers in a scalable cloudsystem. I see this game as a very fun game with a amazing graphical engine and its well recieved within PBS and the community. The raid has been a challenge , because it first must get 8 people together and this in a game where we are use to 4. But we manage good and i heard we finaly got passed the first BOSS in raid…


Yes brothers, we shall fight on allot of the main scenes in WW2! The game looks great with 50 vs 50 and there are real dedicated servers planned with RCON control!  So for the WW2 fans, this is the game to play! Hopefully we will get a stream of new people in for this nice game! If all works out, this can be a real “RS2” game for PBS!


Mordhau is a medieval hack and slash game wich works out pretty good. There is quite a big playerbase. The game is started as a kickstarter with 300000 € and seems to do good. It also supports dedicated servers, but bit unstable sometimes.. however we continue the testing..


Our insurgency servers are very well known also , The freeze bug seems to be gone, now i am hoping for a ranked dedi server possibilaty. Myself and other community members are putting pressure on the devs to fix it… Lets hope they do as this is crucial!

Also the old insurgency server does do its part sometimes. Its evidence that a good server program can keep a game alive!


Our KF2 servers are still doing nicely and is open for anybody of the clan. I plan to make a open limited rcon access just to be able to kick somebody and make room. If any new custom maps are needed, pls give a shout!


Scum is powered by a server provided by papabear and although the playerbase is a bit low , we expect it to grow again. Also we hope the server files will someday be released for dedicated servers and not a binding contract with G-Portal.


Although not so popular in PBS as previous battlefield games, some PBS members do play it. We are sad to see they removed all RSP programs , but on the other side if they cant do a good RSP, dont do one at all!


Total war is a strategy game and is a single playergame! But as we did sometimes fight eachother on multiplayer with a limited amount of people, it also deserves a place here! Who knows one day we will do our own time commanders event!


A great future game with prob 200 vs 200 and full dedicated server control! Its still in development, but promises to be a great game.. . We are keeping an eye out for this one!

Thank you for powering the POWERBITS GAMETEAM!

A new donation period has started, you can see it on our frontpage or here.

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    Dear members, i would like to inform you about our games and people! First of all thanks for everytime reaching the server’s payment goal, you guys ro
    [Please see the full post at this link: PBS NEWS]

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    Can´t wait for Hell let loose 🙂

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