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Rising Storm 2 Plan Of Attack: All Your Air Base

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May 22nd, 2019

Hello everyone!

With the release of Update 1.3, the teams here at Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive have pivoted towards getting the next major release ready.  Update 1.4 will include:

  • 2 New Maps
    • Da Nang
    • Khe Sanh
  • A New Weapon
    • K50M

The Da Nang Air Base (Also known by its French name of “Tourane”), was a major staging point for the American air power to quickly respond to threats coming from North of the DMZ with flights from both the US Air Force and Marine Corps.  The base suffered many attacks from both the NLF and PAVN forces over the years

As a territories map, Da Nang will feature a defending Marine team attempting to hold off an NLF force as it works its way into the perimeter, aiming to capture the center of the base. 

Khe Sanh takes us along the DMZ to the border of Laos and the US Marine garrison stationed there.  The battle for this base lasted over a month and drew in much of the South’s resources to help defend it at all costs, believing it was the prize the North sought to achieve before returning to the negotiation tables.  Many now believe it was a diversion to take away attention and manpower from NLF build up further south in what would then become the Tet offensive.  

With the Marines once again on the defence, the attackers of this territories map will be the PAVN.  

The K50M submachine gun was a product of taking a Chinese Type 50 (based on the PPSH-41), rechambering it for 7.62 and shortening the barrel length along with improving the sights.  It could be produced in large numbers in simple workshops set up as needed to support equipping both the NLF and PAVN forces.  PAVN Sappers will find this under their loadouts with Update 1.4.

Both maps (along with the K50M and a fix for the VOIP issue introduced in Update 1.3) will be hitting the Community Test Branch this weekend for bugs and player feedback.  Make some time this weekend and join in on Saturday at 2 PM EST (-5 GMT) 

And, because we know you are all inquisitive – yes, there is more DLC coming. One will be a cosmetic pack created by us, as normal. The second will be a celebration of the efforts put in by Sgt. Joe (and friends) on the GOM mod, with a cosmetic DLC pack derived from their work, where all revenue will be shared with the mod team. A concrete way for us all to say “thanks”!

For good measure, there are also plans afoot for more from the Green Army Men team as well, to follow on after the release of 1.4. Stay tuned for more details!

Thank you for your continued support!

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