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RS2 New Custom map: VNTE-Hanoi Heights V16 is BACK!



“A UH-1 Huey was due back 26 hours ago from a Search and Destroy behind enemy lines. An ARVN patrol squad witnessed one of our birds going down in their area of operations. This was thought to be our missing Huey and subsequently they were ordered to investigate and report back… That was 23 hours ago and we are yet to get a response. We Believe Charlie is operating in that area. Your orders are to detor to that sector and recover the SnD unit and the Patrol before moving on to your main objective 34 klicks north-east. Hopefully it’s just a hiccup, if things gets ugly you’ll know what to do.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Hanoi Hights is a FICTIONAL conflict in the far mountains bordering the Ha Noi region and is not to be compared to the real war. I’ve been working on this project for roughly 800 hours and I’m proud to finally release it! Please leave feedback and I’ll adjust the map accordingly 🙂

-This map is made for 64 players and after a few tests with 8v8 a lobby I can safely say that it does not play very well when the server is near empty. :/
-Fixed all BSP meshes that had no proper lighting due to the 1.2 update.
-Fixed clipping and lighting issues in tunnels.

– – – – – – – – – –

Special Thanks to nymets1104 and the RS2: Vietnam modding Discord!

The Static UH-1 Hueys were copied from VNTE-Agent Orange by Tyler




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