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Set in the heart of the Michelin Rubber Plantation.

  • A Combined Arms Territories Map

  • 7 Objectives

  • US Army attacking VC

  • Dynamic Weather

  • Custom Ambient Audio

  • Immersive Environment

  • Potential to add M113 Transports later

Historical background:

Michelin Rubber Plantation was located near Dầu Tiếng District in Bình Dương Province, 72 km northwest of Saigon. The plantation was established by the Michelin company in 1925[1] and at 12,400 hectares (31,000 acres) it was the largest rubber plantation in Vietnam. The plantation was located approximately halfway between the Cambodia border and Saigon and so was an important base and staging area for the Viet Cong and later the PAVN. The plantation was an important source of revenue for the South Vietnamese Government and it was believed that the Michelin Company paid off the Vietcong in order to keep the plantation operating during the war. US forces were obliged to compensate Michelin for damage caused to the rubber trees during operations in the plantation.

Mapmaker: Nymets1104


VNTE-DaLat with ROK faction weapons and 1 M113 along with optimized changes to collision for smaller foliage across the map. No Loach. Some other small balance changes made from the previous version.

Credits of GOM 3 mod to Sgt Joe.

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