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RS2 Update 1.2.4 Changelog

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Addressing Community Feedback, Requests and ExploitsWe hope everyone had as much of a blast as we at AMG and TW did playing the Green Army Men Christmas event! Over the last few weeks there has been an increase in issues related to players exploiting the vote kick system, player toxicity, and general abuse of in-game systems. All of which make for a less than delightful atmosphere and playing experience.

We are addressing these toxicity issues with the following changes:

  • Players’ ability to initiate vote kicks has been restricted to 3 vote kicks every 24 hours
  • Players are restricted to changing teams once per minute to prevent players from switching teams, initiating a vote kick, and then switching back (this also applies to spectators)
  • When a vote prompt appears (to kick a player) there is additional information related to the reason for the kick, including the number of unforgiven team kills, number of minutes idling, or the number of kills attained by a player accused of cheating. 

Example shown below:

  • Spectators can no longer use any voice chat channels

WebAdminBetter logging has been added to Webadmin to give server admins more useful information.

  • Added a log to record admin logins
  • Added a log to record any settings that have been changed by an admin on the server
  • Added a log to record players who have initiated a vote kick or role kick along with the selected kick reason
  • Added a log to record players who have had a vote initiated against them

Players Boosted to Level 99Just before the Christmas event kicked off some players were affected by a server that boosted them to level 99. If you were affected by this server, you can stay at level 99 or you can choose to roll your level back to a level of your choosing. This rollback tool will only be available for a limited time.

The tool to roll back your level is found in the STATS menu.

Whitelisting of Community Content

  • We have whitelisted the current versions of GOM by SgtJoe and the Green Army Men Mod. Servers running this content will be ranked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the IZH-58 would sometimes spawn without ammunition, or appear to fire, but fail to do damage. Thank you to the community for reporting and providing information on this issue!

Conclusion of the Green Army Men Christmas EventA huge thank you to everyone who played in the Green Army Men Mod’s Christmas event, and to the incredibly talented Green Army Men Mod team who made such an amazing map! The game is returning to its normal state, with experience gain back to its normal rate, and the Christmas content removed from the base game download.

All achievements, gear unlocks (including your Christmas Helmet), and XP will be retained post-Event, along with all the bugfixes made to the base game and SDK since the launch of the Event.

If you are craving more miniaturised army action, the Green Army Men Mod is available through the Steam Workshop: & This page also has a good amount of content in addition to the Green Army Christmas map that servers have been running. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

As always, thank you for your continued support! We are continuing to work hard on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and would not be able to provide fixes like these without your feedback.

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