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RS2 Vietnam And The Planned Changes For 2019 – Part 2!

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Today we have a continuation of the community messaging that went out earlier this week. We’ve heard your feedback and want to address some concerns that were passionately raised.

Objective Blocking

Earlier this week we announced some planned changes to how objectives work and stirred up some controversy over this change. 

This quote is from that previous community message:

“Objectives that are occupied by more than 1 enemy will block an Objective’s capture but will not block capture progress. An objective will be allowed to progress to 99% but will not fully complete if more than one enemy occupies the Objective’s capture area. Two or more enemies in an objective can stall out an opposing force from completing capturing a point, allowing reinforcements to provide backup to the contested objective. Additionally, this means that attacking teams cannot just overpower an objective by having more players in the objective and avoiding engagements with the enemy altogether.”

The use of  “…1 enemy will block an Objective’s capture…” is a placeholder value and probably should have been left out of that message.

Our goal is to prevent instances where an objective is captured by the attackers when the defending team had a significant amount of forces in an objective (10-20, for example). The value we use for determining the block will likely be a percentage value based on the number of friendly forces the attackers have in the objective area. Defenders would need to match 50-75% of the attacker’s forces in the objective area before a block would occur. 

We have not finalized a value for this change and will we run a few CTB playtests in the future to collect feedback before implementing this in the Live game.

Free-rotation for Helicopter Gunners

Helicopter gunners, such as the door gunners on the Huey and the Corba’s chin turret, will have the weapon’s rotation changed to be independent from the vehicle’s rotation. This means gunners will have an easier time keeping their sights on a target without having their aim disrupted by the vehicle’s movement.

Improving North Vietnamese Camouflage Ability

North Vietnamese have a passive ability to hide from recon and avoid being spotted by helicopters. This ability is only active if you are crouched or prone and are not moving or firing your weapon. The vegetation vignette that appears at the bottom of the screen indicates when this passive ability is active.

Currently you must remain still while crouched for 3 seconds and for prone, 1.5 seconds (firing your weapon will cancel this effect). These values will be reduced to make this passive ability more responsive and useful to the North Vietnamese.

We also looking into changing how Squad Tunnels are spotted by helicopters and recon so that they are only spotted after a player spawns near one.

Whitelisting of Community Content

We are adding GOM and Green Army Men to our official whitelist. This means that any server running the latest versions of these mods will be ranked and players will earn XP normally.

Update 1.2.4

We will have a preview of our work in progress changelog for the upcoming Update 1.2.4 later today, so stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued feedback and support.

Source: Tripwire

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