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Dear members, its with proud and pleasure i can announce we have reached our new goal of  240€ for the servers! 

As you know all is 100% free in PBS , but the servers cost money and we appreciate the people who donate from the bottom of our gaming hearts!

Would you like to support us , please do on this page .

I would also like to put the latest donators in the spotlight, as you know they do get mentioned in our games, discord and non PBS members get reserved slots:

Powerbits, Megalait, killonlyonce, Pentecost, Marcello, William, david, Thijs, Felix, Marco,CATALIN ,Kevin, Dallibor, Dareign, Tony, samba, Jeremy❤️❤️❤️

And a big thanks to our premium supporters:

❤️❤️❤️Woeterk, Drew , Melee and Marius❤️❤️❤️

You guys rock!

Here are all our games and their latest status :


Our RS2 servers are still doing a great job with 3 servers ranked in the top  of all servers in the world!  The Green men army is not doing so well , so we might go in campaign mode again soon on that one! We are very well known in the RS2 community and many people just love our servers! This game is the driving force of PBS and we appreciate the efforts of all mappers , modders and especially the developers! The server management is a dream , the servers fill always nicely and custom maps are the driving force behind the game and something triple A games can only dream about in the past while they do matchmaking rubbish…

PBS has always supported GOM even when nobody else hosted it and we will still continue to do so! Sgt Joe is waiting for the devs to give the green light and whitelist his mod. Then PBS will fire up a GOM server again.  If you like to support SGT Joe’s mod, you can buy the DLC in the game!

Also the winter war mod comes soon i would believe…

Its Great to always have a nice turnup on the wars and this game  will be around for ever!

Personaly i have appointed a few extra motivated 1st LT’s for this game as it deserves good moderation and help.  My Attention was set to build the HLL community, but soon we can balance both abit!



Wat can i say about this great addition to the PBS realm? Its simply amazing and has so much future potential! The engine is the best optimized unreal 4 engine i have seen and this is where the developers can build on! HLL is the best WW2 game hands down (or i shoot)!

Our server is doing fantastic and is the best server ranked in the world! Wat a great accomplishement from our team!

In this game, we started recruiting and many nice people have joined our team for that “band of brothers” gameplay feeling we love! In time we will arrange trainings events, and wars!

Thank you for the people who are helping idling! Also as we have no reserved slots, many people (1st LT) are appointed with the rcon rights to make place for themselves or a gamingbuddy.

As said, the server is not hosted on our rented box, so we do appreciate your support to help us going on 🙂

We also enjoy our latest Utah “D-Day” map and look forward to all the updates that are coming our way! Wat vehicles are coming you ask? Well take a look at these work of art (click on pic for full resolution):


Insurgency Sandstorm till has a major issue! The servers freeze! This is because of a bug linked to their rcon!

They need to fix this game if its gonna survive!  We hope they do and wait for a fix!


The Division 2 has waken up abit with new content! I encourage the old TDV2 players to give it another chance.. I know Pixie would be happy!

This game does not have dedicated servers, so its encredible important, people join discord when they play…


Our KF2 servers are still doing nicely and is open for anybody of the clan. I plan to make a open limited rcon access just to be able to kick somebody and make room. If any new custom maps are needed, pls give a shout!

Its real fun sometimes and i would certainly try it!



Scum is on a lower playerbase , so Papabear stopped the server who just would not fill!


Although not so popular in PBS as previous battlefield games, some PBS members do play it. We are sad to see they removed all RSP programs , but on the other side if they cant do a good RSP, dont do one at all!

Seriously, play HELL LET LOOSE guys 🙂



A great future game with prob 200 vs 200 and full dedicated server control! Its still in development, but promises to be a great game.. . We are keeping an eye out for this one!

Take a look at the PBS Bannerlord forum for updates…



Besides donations, we offer another way to support a little bit PBS. If you need to buy a game, why not buy it via PBS/KINGUIN?

It gives us a small percentage of sales and chances are your game is cheaper!

You can fine the gamelist here, but if your game does not show up in the list, let me know pls and i will add it!



Thanks to our different tracking systems, we are able to see the ranking in our servers. PBS players in the top 10 and 3 list, get a special role tag on discord and get bragging rights ! So game away!


I am looking into getting new modern gaming T shirts and also want to thank Olli in last time providing them to the team for free!

More info on this in the future:


Finaly I wish to thank the people who have great heart for PBS and support the team in many ways!  Administering, Idling is a job that just does not get enough credit!  We are all volonteers in helping our organisation grow and putting our time into this is so much appreciated! I also welcome the new 1st LT’s and wish them allot of luck in their new function!

I salute you gentlemen!


A new donation period has started, you can see it on our frontpage or here.


Thank you for powering the POWERBITS GAMETEAM!

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