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The Division 2 beta start date

Ubisoft has announced The Division 2 beta dates on all platforms – PS4, Xbox One and PC – will take place between Friday, March 1st and Monday, March 4th.


The closed beta dates were previously in mid-February, and had the following The Division 2 beta start times, end times and pre-load times – and though not confirmed, chances are they will be the same for the open beta too:

  • UK: 9am (GMT)
  • Europe: 10am (CET)
  • East Coast US: 4am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 1am (PDT)

How to get The Division 2 beta access

The Division 2 open beta access will be available to everyone who downloads it – no need to get a beta code as with the closed beta.

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If you were curious as to how the closed beta worked, you could do so from one of the following methods:

  • Pre-ordering The Division 2
  • The Division 2 beta sign-ups on the official site

What will be featured in The Division 2 beta?

Though Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed what’s in the open beta, it’s highly likely it’ll be the same as the contents of the closed The Division 2 beta:

  • Two main story missions (playable in Normal and Hard)
  • Five side missions and other activities in the open world
  • One out of the three Dark Zones playable
  • PvP in Conflict mode Skirmish
  • One Invaded mission (end-game content) and a level cap of 30 with new Survivalist, Sharpshooter and Demolitionist specialisations from Friday, February 8th from 4pm GMT

How does this size up to the beta from the original game? That featured a gameplay segment close to the start of the game, and featured a handful of story missions with the ability to play in four player co-op. It also featured The Dark Zone, The Division’s take on a player-versus-player zone. The sequel will probably do something similar.

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